Agh, stupid kids! (or stupid father!)!!!!!!!!

Ok, need to vent, went to a huge mall today about a 45 minute drive from home, thought I'd try emptying my new k pouch in a public bathroom for the first (and last!) time. Ok, so, I go into the handicap stall, that has no hook to hang my bag, and no shelf to set my supplies on, so I had to use the floor. Fine, I get out all my supplies, start emptying my pouch, when suddenly some kids literally sticks his head under the stall door! Scared the crap out of me, literally! I accidently let go of the catherter, spewing stool EVERYWHERE! That kid was lucky, it missed his head by an inch, but it did completely over my underware and shorts and half the floor! I could have killed that kid, and the idiot father was laughing about it? (he wasn't laughing after I was through with him!). It's hard enough getting use to a k pouch, but to have this happen is just adding fuel to my egotistical fire! Some people just shouldn't be allowed in public. I explained to this kids idiot dad that his son should NOT be looking under stalls, especially the handicap one, to which he responds "why not?" AGH, bitch slap! (wish I could!) well, I learned a lesson, to bring extra clothes with me too, just in case. I was able to clean myself off enough to run to my car and hide! Sometimes I really hate people! Mad
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How embarassing for you, Eric, especially with it being your first time in a public bathroom. Too bad the kid peaking under the stall door didn't get hit with a full face full of crap - would have teached him a really good lesson! Question - were you standing up when you were intubating? I usually sit on the toilet seat and empty directly into the toilet. Much easier that way. My first time in public was in a bathroom at the Toronto airport & it went well. Don't let what happened & some idiot kid & his father discourage you about public bathrooms.
Sounds like you were standing up? I always sit. It gets easier to go in public. When I was on my 2 week intubation schedule I would go to Barnes and Noble. I had cabin fever so I just didn't stay at home and can go in any public restroom, hell I have even gone in my car once in a cup. Then I started going out a lot. Don't let it bother you too bad. Sh*t happens and move on.
Sh*t happens and move on.

This discussion mainly has focused on people peeking under stalls, but it can and does get worse. When I was 17 years old and still had UC, at the time a good looking kid, a guy actually followed me into a shopping mall bathroom stall, closed the door, and began touching me in a sexual way. I punched him in the chest, shoved him back, and ran out of the bathroom to get the Mall's Chief Security Guard, whom I happened to know. Unfortunately the perv ran away and was never caught. He did not get very far with me. But the point is that you really got to pick your spots with public bathrooms, and be careful.
Hey guys, nope, when I intibate, I sit myself to the back of the toilet seat, insert the catherter, and bend it down into the front of the toilet bowel (I'd draw you all a picture, but trust me, it ain't a pretty picture) and let it drain. As for bathroom nookie, babies, I can top it. I was in my hubbies country, El Salvador (been there five times now) for the first time, was in a mall food court, and naturally, my j pouch gave out, so off to he bathroom I run. I noticed this little guy (most men are short there) staring at me when I went into my stall. I sat there in agony for a while when I hear the same little guy in the stall next to tapping his foot, over and over. The next thing I know this lord of the dancing stall sticks his head under, winks at me, and invites me over to his stall for a little flush the sausage! This is a homophobic, god fearing country, I smiled, and politely declined his kind, Christian offer. He was pissed (pardon the pun, not one man in that country can aim for the rim of the bowel!) but after I finished my business, I rejoined the family in the food court and told them of my harrowing journey. After they finally stopped laughing, I see this same guy being hauled away by the mall security. Apparently he's a regular, yeah, thanks for he warning. I completely expect this type of thing here in Toronto, but not there! Can't wait to see their faces if it happens again, I'll aim my catherter their way and see what happens, muah ha ha!!!!

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