10 Weeks Out. Am I Where I Should Be?

I'm 10 weeks post-takedown and wondering if what I'm experiencing is normal.

Still dealing with butt burn. Get relief with a warm water (bottle) bidet and a sitz bath twice a day. 

I’m having 8-9 BMs during the day and 2-3 BMs at night. Experiencing some leakage overnight. Gas is an issue and difficult during the day while at work.

Stools are usually formed pieces (floaters) or have an applesauce-like consistency (sludge) that sinks to the bottom of the bowl. Sometimes stools are watery. 

Sometime, there's bright red or pink blood on the tissue when I wipe (usually after straining spasms that are hold to control). A few stools can also look a little "reddish" around the edges. Is it a fissure or hemorrhoids—or possibly cuffitis or pouchitis? When I sit for long periods of time and get up, my bottom feels sore and “tight.” 

Currently taking 2 Imodium before each meal and before bedtime. Also taking Benefiber mid-morning and mid-afternoon. My diet has improved but still not eating fresh vegetables.

I don’t have urgency or tenesmus unless experiencing severe butt burn and anal tissue is very inflamed. Overall, I feel OK, no abdominal pain, no fever and no unusual odor. Just tired mostly and exhausted from the constant maintenance day and night.

I guess I was hoping I’d be a little farther along at this point. Does all this sound normal or is there any reason to be concerned? 

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I’’m 10 weeks post take down too. Same consistency and I’m going more like 12-15x a day. Some days it all liquid output (like yesterday). No blood. No butt burn but i hear that might be from what you eat. I’m itchy on the inside sometimes- a few times in the evening mostly, after a bowel movement. Taking 2 lomotil 3/day. No leakage or accidents at night (well once or twice in totally time since surgery). I just use gas ex once or twice a day as needed in Eve for gas. 

Have you had an appt with your surgeon lately or is one in the works? Can I ask where you’d like to be, at this point in the game? 

Hey Bubba, thanks for the reply. You asked where I’d like to be at this point—great question! I know 10 weeks is still early for major improvement but my recovery status is my constant focal point. Every BM is a production with the maintenance required. Going 3-4 times at work—around meetings and other work related duties—is challenging. No regrets with the j-pouch however! I’m keeping my eye on March which is when I hope things will settle down and life will become easier. My diet is slowly progressing but I’ve had several butt burn episodes that lasted a few days each because of something new I added. How are you doing with your diet? Can’t believe you’ve avoided butt burn. In the beginning, I thought I’d go insane.


When I was at 10 weeks I was in the same situation as you describe. Exactly! Output that was different every time, burning, leakage causing new burns. I couldn't leave the house for more than a few hours without feeling extreme discomfort and anxiety from burning, every week brought some new frustrating issue. Exhausting. But around six or eight months things started to get better. I stopped using Imodium around the third month to try and let my system develop its own schedule. Had pouchitis a few times and took Cipro for immediate results (haven't needed it for a year). I used the bidet bottle every single time without fail, starting before I left the hospital after reversal, and bought the hot and cold water bidet attachment for the home toilet. Cleaning with water every time saved my behind and the bum-on-fire stopped. After bathing used a hair dryer to thoroughly dry the area.

I'm 19 months now and no burning, no issues, no medication for the j pouch. It will get better. Your diet will expand to include new or familiar foods, you'll learn what your new plumbing can tolerate. You are early days and you are doing all the right things using the bidet bottle and a sitz basin to help the area. I also relied on Zincofax baby bum cream to heal that area fast.

Thanks for the reassurance Winterberry! You are the reason I bought both a bottle and attachment bidet (from a question I had prior to surgery). I’m pretty sure the blood spotting is a fissure but texted my surgeon to be sure (no response yet). This regimen is exhausting. Guess that’s what makes it all the more special when your pouch finally matures. Thanks again.

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